Go Veggie !!

Being Vegetarian has a spiritual philosophy which is perhaps difficult to explain. It’s kind of a chain reaction. A human body or any other body should not consume anything that has memory. Because each memory has an aura of its own just like we humans or mammals. An animal however feeble is believed to have a memory which has been tried and tested many a times. When you eat the body you integrate flesh leave the bone but you place the aura of the memory of the mammal somewhere inside you without being left with an option. And that aura then inculcates in your character by mingling with urs. I know you may not accept this but it is important. Plants do not have an aura of memory. This also accounts for the ultimate reason why non vegetarian food needs min 4 – 6 hrs to digest veggie just 2 n Half… Room for thought..

In Ayurveda this accounts for the tridosha that body has. More so you grasp the rage anger insensitivity of animals within you just by placing that’s aura in yours.


Just that I can buy my own Wine!

I often observe pity in eyes of a few friends of mine who love me so much. All so, because I don’t get to travel much and spend much leisure time in a year like them for they enjoy it all from multiple foreign trips to mini trips. According to them probably that’s what I deserve  fundamentally – all the riches of the world and emotionally they believe that its all because I could not succeed enough in life for I don’t board as many flights as them or check in to hotels as much as they do (I boarded my last flight two years ago for amritsar- a short round trip from morning to evening, and after that I haven’t boarded any thing just a round trip Volvo- too less I know)

I love them for they care but I have an apprehension. I often wish I could tell them I am not unsuccessful.

My definition of success is just a little different. For me flying destinations and having pics isn’t important but being known by the world for the good cause I do is. For me the fact that I own a venture I started on my own  with my efforts and hard work and that after several rejections it has managed to make a stand is the most important. For me the time I contribute to work(almost all my day with family by the side) is what counts as an achievement.

They are successful thanks to the men they are married to and I am  an individual identity with an equivalent success to my name as much as my husband has..

They purchase brands every day because their husbands can afford it. I purchase a brand every fortnight because I can afford it. As I said my definition of success is more about my identity my existence as an individual and above all my contribution as a human.
I am proud that I can smile in all odds and not remain depressed or be victimised. I am proud that people love me despite whatever way I look. I am proud that I don’t have to wait for my husband to be able to buy a very expensive dress.

It is not about me. It is perhaps about every woman who counts success in being able to buy wine for herself than waiting for someone at the bar to ask out for a drink. I don’t mean to defame or demean rather I am thankful that my friends love me so much. All I wana say is “Oh No Darling! You are worried for all the wrong reasons. I am fine just a little different.😁”

The Split Ends..

When I watch couples sharing their activities with their partners(trying to be specific here) with the Virtual World – eating with… Sleeping with…being lazy with…entering xyz with…enjoying with….
I, being one of the mates of a not so bad couple, presume that when half your mind is busy being ANXIOUS about sharing all you do in life, with the world which in reality does not give a crap, you are contributing only half the value of your commitment and dedication to the partner and the relationship which deserves better and more anytime..

Now, this theory of mine splits in to three ends – like lets try to sense all the angles once and for all…

First End is – Both the partners are keen socialites who love to compete and compare with the happenings of like minded people in outside world and race with others’ respective shares on their walls. In this case none of the partners complaints nor does any one expect hundred percent dedication. And they sustain happily ever after.

Then there is a couple where one keeps comparing and shouting at the other of NoT Doing Like Others. Now this has two sub groups. The other poor and subtle partner lives with it or the other option being that he or she leaves the crazy socialite who is spoiling a beautiful relationship for Virtualization.

Then there is the last split end in which the socialite compares sees and hates everything about his or her life but due to whatever reasons does not complain to the subtle partner. And then finally Dies one day due to depression leaving behind an unsettled and dissatisfied life and probably a partner who as such was a silent loner because the one who died was Living a virtual life…

Probably there can be other versions but for now this is all I could think of.

Drifting a bit from the partners angle I’ll talk of my best friend perhaps my soul friend. She visited my little rented apartment  for an overnight stay. So much we had missed talking that we talked all night and despite all the time did not even get the idea of clicking a picture.

I mean you meet after some 8 years and forget to click a pic because you were busy loving the company and the chat.

In my five years of marriage whenever I board any mode of transport or enter a hotel or travel anywhere…even though I don’t have kids…the two of us (me and my mate) are so engulfed into the formalities and then of course each other’s company more so the Silence we enjoy together that not even once does it come to my mind that there is an account I have on some site or for that matter even a relative or a friend I should seek in my phone. I perhaps often forget to recharge my phone.

Don’t know whether am impatient with the Virtual World or may be simply too committed to my relationship to discard from the amazing moments and think about a dumb World Web which holds no meaning.

For the people unlike me all I want to ask is…when times will need a partner will the virtual world step forward…and when you do not give your hundred percent to moments which deserve your love and attention because half your conscious and almost all your subconscious is too busy dreaming about the mystique which is befooling the entire era, are you actually serious towards the claims you make of owning the relationship and being in Love..

Room for thought…

Mother Teresa

Recently while working for a project (in my NGO) I came across a female who amazed me with her social activism.
I remember her once telling me “Geetika people in my group are so confident about me that they refer to me as Mother Teresa of today….

…I target to achieve the Nobel Prize for Peace some day…

The only thing I lack despite all the work I do for the needy is my knowhow of English which brings one acclaim and lets our efforts reach the world..”

After the conversation I remember to have sat for a while and recall My study about life of Mother Teresa, which had taught me the real meaning of self less thank less efforts for humanity and man kind. Her life was an epitome of loving the world without expectation.

She left her country and people, her career and personal life simply so that she could serve a country which she realised needed more input of kindness and love than else where across the world. She continued to pray and feel the pain of the needy all her life and on the death bed lied with her the blessings of all those she had healed.

And wanting to be HER was this lady who was enjoying her parallelism with Mother Teresa, who wanted an Acknowledgement of her hard work and who wanted to be Renowned globally and hence needed a language that could support her..

No I don’t intend to socially abuse an ambitious woman wanting to replace Mother Teresa but I do once and for all wish to renounce the real meaning of serving Humanity and Man kind.

It refers to a thankless kind effortless contribution to the society where you don’t boast, don’t fight, don’t regret, don’t wish don’t compare and don’t acclaim anything in lieu. Doing for others is not a medium to fame but perhaps a journey to self where your senses are neutralized toward worldly woes and hence rises a plateau of service, selfless devotion and more so of peace and satisfaction which thus adds to ones alignment and enlightenment.


At times we are Silent..

Most of the times we take silence to be an individual’s stern decision to react to an offensive gesture. But Silence isn’t always stern perhaps it is just a little inexplicit with almost no effort.

At times we are silent because we don’t want to open up any window of neither our lives nor our heart to anything that hurts thus trying to be protective and preventive towards our emotions. We all love to be respected but with people who are too ignorant to realize how their centric ‘my way or highway’ behaviour is a chronicle bruise to others’ self respect and emotions Silence is at times the only saviour for self.

Silence often gesticulates ignorance when we can neither leave nor accept. It is the midway to peace of mind while dealing with those who want others to stay numb so that they can feel peace. So at times we are silent because others aren’t too receptive to who we are. We are silent because it is better to be unavailable than impose ones love to people who don’t much like you anyway.

Silence with a smile for everyone is the only way I have realised to make life easier for me. Talk only to people who can understand and for those who don’t, be silent. And while you bring this to practice don’t forget to be humble to other’s silence too. Life is two way afterall and so are relationships. What goes is what comes back and trust me it is never the other way.

In today’s World..

In Today’s World –

You are called over confident because you share your beautiful and happy moments with everyone.

You are called Insane when you ask how r u to those who offended you.

You are called a fool when you smile at everyone and care for all.

You are hated because you talk things that are not the usual gossip or usual things that most people love.

You are called rude when you suddenly stop taking crap and rise up to tell people that they have no right whatsoever to poke or interfere or impose themselves.

You are blocked when after soothing someone’s depressing pains and mourns for years you suddenly come up with a mirror right in nose showing them “your life is messed up because you want to mourn all the time and take sympathy and not change thyself for a better life”.

You encounter ignorance when after being ever smiling and kind and humble you one day get a little rude all because you were going through a hard phase yourself.

You are called a cheat if you try to do a selfless thankless welfare for the society keeping all you materialised at stake for doing your bit for the world despite that you knew it wont be easy.

Do your bit Anyway.

Keep Walking. Keep realising. Keep changing. Stop for no one. Wait for no one. Care for no one. Keep working and make sure that you bring about the change you desired for at least in a handful of people before you die.

Don’t Question..

I gained so much knowledge through books and experience and interactions and failures and travelling…formed a set of beliefs for my life but one thing I am proud of is – I never questioned others’ beliefs. Be it religion. Be it medicine. Be it lifestyle. Be it nature or anything. I was addicted to questioning political beliefs though but with time I left the habit. When we question other people’s beliefs we unknowingly build a character of rigidity and over confidence toward our knowledge and beliefs thus creating illusions of what I know is the only truth that exists..This illusion breaks no one more than us.

If I look around the world religion or medicine or brand or people or politics are simply excuses for mankind to justify the illusions of ONLY I KNOW THE TRUTH.

And so fierce has the rigidity become that violence has erected.

Let us believe that we are not to change the world but simply accept each other and our beliefs. If you want to help people. Don’t guide. Simply give them a hand when they fall. That’s when they need it the most.